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Marla Marshall, CPA is the owner and Lead Consultant of Designer Accounting & Consulting.  With over 15 years of experience working exclusively with designers, Marla is the industry expert.  She has the inside tract on interior design industry best practices, initiatives, and challenges.  Each design practice is unique and each designer has his or her own priorities.  Marla builds relationships with her clients to understand these priorities.  Offering customized, cost effective services, Marla helps her clients realize their business goals.

Featured Consultants

Kim Hannah

Kim has provided accounting services to small businesses since 2009, and specifically to the interior design industry since 2013. Kim's attention to detail and her client-centered approach make her a delight to work with.


"While I truly enjoy making sure a client's books are clean, organized, and up-to-date, what I love most about what I do is that it allows clients to spend more time doing what they love and what makes their business successful while knowing their books are in good hands."

Jim Hicks


Jim is a CPA/MBA and has been chief financial officer for both public and private 

companies. He has over 30 years experience in all facets of accounting, financial analysis, real estate and corporate finance, and financial reporting. 

Jim was also an adjunct instructor at Northeastern Illinois University. 

"In working with the clients of Designer Accounting, I particularly like helping them with their business issues and accounting matters.  It is very rewarding as all our clients are very appreciative of our assistance and advice."

DeAnn Lantry

DeAnn has been working with Designer Accounting and Consulting since 2010.

Her background is in design and art history.  After managing her own art business for many years, DeAnn discovered her desire to work behind the scenes assisting designers in organizing their processes and maintaining their books.

DeAnn’s attention to detail and industry knowledge makes her invaluable to clients.


“The best part of my job is working with talented designers. I enjoy working behind the scenes to create value for my clients.”

leah M headshot.png

Leah Marks


Leah has worked exclusively in the interior design industry since 2007.  She gained a lot of experience working at high end design firms. Leah is a detail-oriented accountant with a thorough understanding of best practices necessary to run an efficient and profitable interior design firm.


“ I love helping creatives continue to do what they love the most.  I don't have a creative bone but have such an appreciation for those who do.  Many designers are overwhelmed and exhausted by the tedious nature of their bookkeeping but that is the part that I relish!  I love the relationships I'm able to build supporting my clients and giving them the freedom to worry about the things that matter most to them so they can continue to grow their businesses.”

Arthur Nanus


Arthur is a JD/CPA with over 35 years of financial experience. After working for the IRS and a Chicago tax law firm, Arthur spent 20 years as a trader on the Chicago option and commodity exchanges. He also spent 9 years working as an SEC compliance officer for a Chicago based investment company.


“I enjoy working with clients to enhance their business knowledge and help make their businesses more profitable. I am highly organized and efficient and strive to make our client’s work environment the same.”

Joe O Headshot.png

Joe Orividas


Joe has worked in finance and consulting for over 10 years and has been working in the interior design industry since 2016. Joe’s strong critical thinking skills and
in-depth knowledge enable him to provide outstanding support to his clients.


“I not only help clients get their accounts in order and keep them that way, I also focus on helping clients use that data to gain a better understanding of their business, help them gain insights from financial reporting, and teach them additional ways to leverage Studio Designer to better support their business, their clients, and accomplish their goals.


Alex Valenzuela


Alex has over 12 years of experience in the Interior Design industry. She brings an extensive experience as an Accountant and Project Manager working with all levels of management including CEOs, CFOs, and Designers. She is also a Studio Designer certified trainer. Alex's professionalism, attention to detail and industry insight ensures our clients a personalized experience.


"I love sharing best practices to support Designers streamline their books and free them up to focus on the creative part of their business."

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