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"Marla has been very effective at educating us about Studio Webware. Our accountant, Karen, is very competent and has been on staff since the opening of our business. However, Marla's help is necessary to assist Karen in resolving a plethora of unusual accounting details that are constantly in flux. Karen is actually excited when she is scheduled to meet with Marla because their meetings increase Karen's confidence and effectiveness. I am thrilled that Marla's competent and collaborative influence has helped my business function more efficiently."


Michael Del Piero

Michael Del Piero Good Design

Chicago/The Hamptons

We initially hired Marla to help our office transition to and implement Studio Designer.  It was a challenging prospect to get all of our team up and running on a new platform.  Marla was instrumental in making this an easy process.  She was available at all times to answer questions and field inquiries from the mundane to the complex.  She worked with our accounting department to streamline our internal and external bookkeeping practices.  When we had an unexpected staffing change, Marla stepped in and became an integral member of our team - taking on more responsibilities and increasing her time commitment with us.  She handles all requests with a smile and is always a pleasure to work with. 


Now that we are up and running on Studio Designer, Marla continues to play an important role at JamesThomas.  She provides her expertise as we grow and expand our firm.  She is invaluable to the success of our firm and we look forward to working with her in the years ahead."


James Dolenc and Tom Riker

JamesThomas Interiors

Chicago, Illinois

“Marla Marshall is kind, funny and patient; a breath of fresh air during the stressful time of transitioning systems.  When we moved our company from Studio Desktop to Webware, she was there ready to answer any questions I threw at her.  Her knowledge about Studio Webware (and accounting in general) is unmatched.  She is an excellent resource and we are lucky to work with her.”

Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Chicago, IL 




“Marla Marshall is truly amazing and a fantastic help to our firm – I lean on her, trust her, and would not want work with Studio Webware without her. Marla’s great knowledge of accounting, coupled with her keen sense of the operations of interior design companies, make her THE IDEAL Studio Webware Consultant.  I cannot say enough good things about her."


Gunnar Burklund

G2 Interiors

San Antonio, TX

Mill Valley, CA




"I have direct contact with Marla and Jim. Their commitment to clients goes above and beyond all the time. There isn't a time or day that I don't feel I can email a question, text a comment, or leave a voicemail and know that within 24 hours or less I will be heard. Their commitment to their clients is always 5 star as we try to be to ours. Making the decision to bring Studio Webware into my design practice has completely turned around the organizational portion of running my business. At any given moment, with the ease of pressing a button, I am able to answer my own questions regarding accounting and client management. It is the single best decision I have made thus so far regarding how to organize and understand how a back office should operate!" 

Randy Heller 

Randy Heller Design

Highland Park, IL

“Marla has been my 'go-to' resource for all financial management and Studio Webware issues for me to recommend to my interior design clients. Marla’s CPA background and her vast knowledge of Studio Webware is a powerful combination.  She is a coach, confident, teacher and true team member to her clients. She takes a personal interest in bringing about successful outcomes. Her thoughtful and considerate approach to navigating through complex issues is refreshing.  She works tirelessly for the best interests of her clients.”


Laurie Salmore

Salmore Partners

Los Angeles, CA




“I have worked with Marla of Designer Accounting & Consulting for the past three years. Her expertise in Studio Webware along with her CPA credentials make her at the top of her game. Marla understands the interior design world which benefits myself and my firm with the best service and guidance. Marla has become my business advisor and I consider her part of my team. Designer Accounting would be a valuable asset to any company.”


Nikki Rosenthal

Bespoke Interior Design

New York, NY




“We met Marla during our transition into Studio Webware over 2 years ago. Marla and her team made the training and transition to Studio Webware so seamless for our entire staff. Not only do we use her for our SW needs, but she also services our company in all aspects of accounting. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of her job, patient and very attentive. We would be totally lost without her! It's wonderful to work with someone that understands the Interior Design Business. I would highly suggest Marla and her team for all your Studio Webware and accounting needs!”


Christine Moritz

2 Design Group

Chicago, IL




"Working with Marla has been a lifesaver. My office runs with several satellite employees and having Marla always available to assist is a dream."


Sandra Espinet

San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Los Angeles, CA




"The transition to Studio Webware felt daunting until Marla whipped me into shape.  She not only knows the system inside and out, she truly understands the 'Design' business.  Her friendly training and advice have been invaluable."


Pam Maher

Pam Maher Design

Glencoe, IL



"We, Studio Gild, cannot say enough about Marla and her team. We are not sure what we would

do without Designer Accounting. They keep us in check, they guide us, they save us money, they help us through software and staffing changes. They hold our hands and keep everything

organized for our company. We have a lot of daily activity with the purchasing component of

our business, and their assistance is critical to keep everything moving smoothly.
Working with 
Marla and Joe has been an absolute pleasure."


Jennie Bishop

Studio Gild

Chicago, IL




“We were introduced to Studio Webware several years ago. This program has exponentially changed the way we do business and we could not manage it without the help of Marla and her team. We expect the best for our clients and our business and certainly have found that with Designer Accounting & Consulting."


Amy Munger

Elizabeth Stiver

Munger Interiors

Houston, TX




“We’ve worked with Designer Accounting for numerous years and may speak firsthand to their professionalism and accounting savvy. We design projects in multiple states and the Designer Accounting team skillfully manages our sales taxes. Our studio has experienced smoother operations and increased profit through their expert guidance.”


Elena Frampton

Frampton Co

New York, NY




"Marla is absolutely amazing. To say she has been invaluable is an understatement. She has been an incredible help to us in multiple areas of our company. From strategy, to process improvement, to accounting; she's just fantastic."


Marc Gensler

Furniture Industries Inc.

Minneapolis, MN




“Marla and her team have been instrumental in the expansion of our design business. They are always on-call for our every need, no matter how small. We rely on Designer Accounting to keep our business on track so we can focus on the design!”


Chenault James

Chenault James Inetriors

Louisville, KY

Columbus, GA




"Marla is great. Not only does she have an excellent working knowledge of Studio Webware she takes great pride in providing excellent customer service. She responds as quickly as possible to questions by phone and is always ready to schedule an in person meeting when necessary. I couldn't imagine using Studio Webware without her support."

Mary Cook Associates

Chicago, IL



"Marla is by far the best accountant I've ever had. She is knowledgeable and very conscientious. She helped me transition from Quick Books to Studio Webware. I was so impressed with her knowledge and expertise, that I hired her to come out on a monthly basis to do all my company accounting, and to be sure that my records remain accurate. She is very kind and patient, and takes the time to answer all my questions promptly. She is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her."


Marietta Calas

Expressive Interiors, Inc

Long Grove. IL




"Marla has been an asset to my company. She is always responsive to any accounting or Studio Webware questions we send her way. My company has become more efficient and profitable since implementing her management systems. Marla Marshall and Studio Webware, have changed the way I do business. The system keeps me organized and efficient, thus allowing more time with my clients. I am now more creative and productive during the day, knowing my billing and proposal work is being managed."

Annette LeCompte

Annette LeCompte Interiors

Evanston, IL

"We see Marla as a member of the BWI team not just a contractor. Her in-depth knowledge of Studio Designer has been invaluable, but her value just starts with our software application. Marla also delivers best practices and processes that help navigate the design business."

Beth Webb

Atlanta, GA

“Marla has been pivotal in the organization, strategic planning and training/mentoring for all of my team that has helped me to succeed higher and higher each year that I have been working with her.  She is like a magic talisman that brings a sophistication and understanding of both the interior design world aligned with the embrace of Studio Webware."


Julia Buckingham Edelman

Buckingham Interiors + Design


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